• Justine Lambroschino

New Edition of Conversations with Your Child

Hello Readers!!

I am thrilled with the design of my new website. Its creation coincides with the launch of my new updated edition of Conversations with Your Child. 

Thank you for all the support for my book.

I have been working very hard to clarify and improve the content. The many challenges of parenting fascinate me and I love to talk to parents and grandparents about their solutions and creative ideas with family issues.

Over and over again the topic of Boundaries surfaces. In the close proximity of family interaction and deep love, maintaining Boundaries can be very difficult. Each stage in your child’s life presents opportunities for parents and children to learn how to communicate with each other. Setting a Boundary is a clear communication and often is as simple as saying “no”. Establishing and maintaining Boundaries establishes trust between parent and child.

The role of parent is so intense and all encompassing during the infant and toddler years. Many parents have never been near children so young and fragile. It is scary! I remember myself feeling so overwhelmed with the responsibility. And- it continues through all the subsequent stages.

Remember, there is help in the world. Please share with me your challenges on my blog page.





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