• Justine Lambroschino

Why did I write Conversations with Your Child?

Noone wants to hear a sob story about an unhappy childhood.

As an adult, I have recognized the challenges of my own parents and how their challenges  impacted my life and my parenting which in turn, motivated me to address areas of baseline parenting responsibilities.

I can sincerely say that to a young woman, without experience with infants to teenagers, motherhood was overwhelming, in addition to marriage and another parent – Dad.

When I first wrote the book, my editor asked why I was putting in all the common sense and natural tasks of parenthood.  Her thought was, “everyone knows them”.

Living in a state of overwhelm, allot can be missed or forgotten –  even the basics.

Parents get burnt out early on and their parenting loses its joy.  Having a basic primer to parent through the years is helpful and possibly ease the fatigue and frustration.

Suggestions for structure to family life can also be helpful.  In our mobile culture, the traditional structures of living near family, a religious affiliation,  and hometown community are gone and families need to create a structure and value system of their own to solidify their personal family culture.

Teenagers especially need engaged parents to strongly monitor and stay connected. The dangers in the world and negative opportunities lurk.  It was the custom to allow increased freedom at a certain age, but now it is more necessary to protect teenagers and young adults.

I sincerely hope we all contemplate our parenting and ask questions.

Talk soon,




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